• What if you could predict the outcome of your campaign, before it started?

  • What if you could leverage creative that consumers are already engaging with?

  • What if you could find and activate influencers that will truly deliver a return, not just reach?

  • What if you could microtarget your ad creative, and not just the placement? And do it at scale?”


Gravitater enables the discovery and deployment of viral user generated content (UGC) as advertising creative, served natively to exactly the right targeted customers, at the right time.

We free brands and media buyers to act on the knowledge that even people with shared demographics engage and respond to media differently. We align audiences with the content and creative most compelling to them, creating the most powerful and effective social content and native advertising ever produced.

We’ve delivered compelling results

300% - 500% ROI

Increased the viral component for the content we
feed by a factor
of 35x or more

Delivered a minimum
of 10x share

Consistently generated triple the engagement rate on Twitter


We deliver on the promise of 1:1 marketing.
Personalized ads, at scale.

Native Creative™ finds, ranks, and converts user-generated social media images into social advertising with the most velocity and highest propensity of being shared.

Influencer Matching targets images sourced through Native Creative with the best, most targeted social media influencers to drive customer engagement and sales.